Global operator strategies - 25/11/07

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Vivendi (France) will not buy 33% of Oger Telecom. The deal that we pre-announced last week will not be realized. Last minute difficulties (surely pricing and management) have emerged and talks have come to an end. Vivendi will still pursue strategic acquisitions.

Etisalat (UAE) plans to invest $3bn- $5bn in Africa. Etisalat already operates in UAE, Nigeria, Tanzania, Egypt, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia.

Alltel (US) will be bought by two private equity groups- TPG Capital and GS Capital Partners – for $25bn.

FT has submitted a bid to buy stake in Ghana Telecom, pursuing its foray in the African market, after it paid €280m for 51% in Telkom Kenya.

DT is considering to be less dependent on its domestic market and is planning acquisitions (mobile and internet). But there is also a rumor that DT is in talks with EDS.

Vodafone eyes China opportunities (future telecom sector re-organization) to boost its presence in the country.

China: another step in the country' s telecom sector re-organization. China will officially grant mobile licenses to fixed-line operators.

Telecom Italia still waits for new management as its shareholders continue to talk over the CEO and chairman positions.

Telefonica says it will invest €14bn- €16bn in Latin America by 2010.

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