Subscriber figures - 25/11/07

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MTS (Russia) said its mobile subscriber base in the CIS reached over 79m at end-October.

China Unicom added 1.5m new mobile users in Oct.

China Mobile added 6.6m new mobile customers in October, to a new total of 356m (up 22%).

China Netcom reports 114m fixed customers at the end of October, of which almost 19m are broadband. China Netcom reported again a net loss of clients in October (fourth consecutive month).

China Telecom also reported a net loss of customers in October (third consecutive month) and a total of 223m fixed users, of which 34.4m are broadband.

China reports

Brazil added 1.9m new mobile subscribers in Oct., bringing its subscriber base to 144.7m.

India added 8m new phone subscribers in October, bringing the total to 256.6m. The total wireless base reached 217.1m (including CDMA WLL clients). The total broadband subscriber base has reached 2.7m in October.

Mexico: almost 21m internet user base with a penetration of just above 12% of households.

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