VoIPo3G uber alles!

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Easy and clear to understand (voice over IP over 3G cellular networks). This new acronym would be, according to Disruptive Analysis, the stamp for an anticipated explosion in VOIP over 3G usage. Accordingly, it seems the final stage for voice over WiFi, FMC, or dual mode cellular phones. VOIPo3G is announced with inherent advantages: 3G coverage and growth, announced home femtocell deployment, all-IP mobile infrastructure trend (be it LTE, WiMAX or UMB) , reduction of operating expenses by combining fixed and mobile core networks, and improved spectrum utilization (more calls in the same bandwidth). So, if promises are realized, we will not be surprised to ear from Disruptive Analysis that operators will be the main responsible for the push towards VoIPo3G.

Disruptive Analysis predicts that there would be over 250m VoIPo3G users by 2012.


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