Global operator strategies - 19/11/07

Publié le par Jean Arnal

Microsoft plans to buy Musiware from Openware. Musiware provides mobile music services.

GSMA and Microsoft are jointly working to promote mobile broadband embedded PCs. Following a survey made by Pyramid Research, it appears that there is a "tremendous" and "untapped" market for notebook PCs with built-in mobile broadband capability.

OTE (Greece) has launched a buy-out offer for over 32% of its mobile arm Cosmote for about $4bn.

SK Telecom (S. Korea) plans buying Hanaro Telecom (S. Korea), and would merge with ts sister cellular company KTF.

Telenor has reduced its stake to below 50% in Malaysian (to comply with the Malaysian law).

A consortium led by FT has won the control (51% stake) of Telkom Kenya for €270m.

Vivendi (France) is close to buying a stake in Saudi telecom operator Oger Telecom

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