Global vendor strategies - 11/11/07

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TomTom raised its bid again for TeleAtlas with €30 a share, or €2.9bn (+41%).

Google confirmed its interest in mobile with the launch of the Open Handset Alliance, a 34-member group looking to develop innovation in mobile. The alliance includes Qualcomm, Motorola, T-Mobile, HTC, China Mobile, DoCoMo, Telefonica, Sprint Nextel, ... In addition, Google launched Android, a free open-source (Linux) mobile software stack, with an operating system, along with APIs, middleware, UIG and development tools. Google targets mobile Internet. The LiMo Foundation (Mobile Linux) has welcomed the launch of the Open Handset Alliance and Google's Android initiative.

Huawei targets to focus on slashing operators' Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by over 30%.

Motorola would buy 80% stake in Vertex Standard (Japan) for $108m. Vertex makes two-way radio equipment. In a separate announcement, Motorola said that it could hasten plans for its $ 4bn share buyback program, due to improvements in the company's financial situation.

Cisco announced the acquisition of Securent for $100 in cash.

Tadiran Comms and Elbit Systems will merge (both in Israel).

Ericsson and HP will jointly deliver unified communications.

NEPAD e-Africa and 5-P Holdings have signed a MoU to build the NEPAD ICT Broadband Infrastructure Network (IBIN) submarine cable system, known as the UHURUNET.

SR Telecom (Canada) is for sale.

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