Mobile vendor strategies - 11/11/07

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Nokia garnered another success with Ovi in a deal with Vodafone (after Telefonica). Ovi offers services supplied directly from Nokia, such as access to music store, games, navigation and mapping, social networking services. It is a major breakthrough for Nokia and a validation for its content strategy. In a separate announcement, Nokia has closed an agreement with STMicroelectronics for developing 3G chipsets.

Motorola launched its latest Bluetooth headset, the MotoPure H12, using its CrystalTalk technology in a virtual global press conference. It has field-tested its 3G femtocell equipment with a major European operator .

Sony Ericsson revamps its PlayNow music store with more content and features.

LG launches its LG-KS20, a 3G/HSDPA-compatible, WiFi-enable, iPhone-like with Windows Mobile 6 OS.

Casio plans launching W-CDMA cell phones in Japan.

Huawei introduced its enhanced mobile softswitch solution in China.

Sharp has already shipped 5m mobile TV handsets in Japan.

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