Vendor results - 11/11/07

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Capgemini reports 3Q07 revenues of €2.1bn, up 11%, and backlog of €2bn (+23%). Growth is driven by APAC and Scandinavia while France reported growth of 6.8% and US had almost 8%.

Capgemini expects revenue growth would be over 9% in 2007, and targets an operational margin of 8.5% in 2008.

Nortel posted 3Q07 revenues of $2.7bn, down 2% pro-forma, and earnings of $27m, vs $63m loss last year. Operating margins improved to 5% (from 2.2%), as well as gross margin to 43% (+5 points). Orders grew 9% in the quarter to $2.4bn. The Carrier Networks unit reported $1.1bn (down 11%) in sales; the Enterprise $671m (+18%); the Global Services unit $540m (flat), and Metro Ethernet Networks unit $360m (down 13%). Nortel expects 4Q07 to be flat.

Symbian reported 3Q07 sales of $109m, up 29%, while shipments jumped 56% in the quarter.

Qualcomm said FY4Q revenues were $2.3bn, up 15%, while net income jumped 84% to $1.1bn.

UTStarcom said 3Q7 sales were $646m, up 8%, net loss of $55m, higher than $43 last year.

Sonus Networks announced 3Q07 revenues of $77m (flat), and a net loss of $27m, almost double than the loss last year.

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