Subscriber figures - 11/11/07

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Neuf Cegetel (France) said it had over 3.1m ADSL customers at the end of Sept..

Japan: DoCoMo added net 39k new customers in 3Q07 to bring its total to 53m, while KDDI reported 29.4m mobile subscriber base (+134k new users) and Softbank said it had 17.2m mobile subscribers (+158.6k new users) at the end of the quarter.

Ecuador: 9.6m mobile subscribers at end-September, up 22%, of which 6.6m for Conecel and 2.7m for Movistar.

Argentina had 37.5m mobile lines at the end of September, up 32%, of which 11.7m from Telecom Argentina(+35%).

Singtel (Singapore) announced it has crossed 158m mobile users mark (up 57%) worldwide.

OECD : the number of broadband subscribers in OECD countries rose 24% to 221m in June.

BT had 11.7m broadband users at at the end of September.

Turkcell' s subscriber base grew by 13% to 34.8m as of September 30, 2007.

TIM Brasil ended 3Q07 with over 29m subscribers, up 21%.

T-Mobile USA reports a mobile subscriber base of 28m customers.

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