Fixed operator strategies - 04/11/07

Publié le par Jean Arnal

ATT has delayed the launch of its broadcast mobile TV service (based on MediaFlo from Qualcomm) until early 2008.

Iliad/ Free (France) reduces its target of FTTH deployment by the end of the year to about 240k households in Paris (vs about 350k).

Arcor (Vodafone in Germany) will provide IPTV in 51 German cities.

Qwest is planning to invest $300m to pass an additional 1.5m households with its FTTN network (fiber-to-the -node).

Sprint Nextel is considering spinning off its WiMAX unit, and may be merging the unit with WiMAX partner Clearwire.

VSNL will lead the construction of the $200m new Singapore-Japan submarine cable system TGN.

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