Mobile operator strategies - 04/11/07

Publié le par Jean Arnal

3 UK launches 3Skypephone, an inexpensive handset developed with Skype, offering free calls and instant messaging to other Skype users.

Vivo (Brazil) has secured a €250m loan from the European Investment Bank (EIB) for network expansion.

Tusmobil (Slovenia) will launch its 3G service at the end of the month.

BSNL (India) and ROK (UK) launched mobile TV services over GPRS in India. BSNL is planning to offer mobile telephony services on CDMA platform too.

KT (Korea) and Sumitomo (Japan) jointly bought 85% of East Telecom (Uzbekistan).

ATT has announced the exclusive availability of Motorola's MOTO Q global handset.

IPMobile (Japan) has filed for bankruptcy and has returned its cellular license.

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