Subscriber figures - 04/11/07

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Cosmote (Greece) has a mobile customer base of over 13m in Southeast Europe, of which 3m in Romania.

Free (France) currently has 2.8m broadband subscribers

Verizon Wireless ended Sept. with 63.7m mobile subscribers, adding 1.6m new users in the quarter.

ATT Wireless added 2m net customer additions, bringing its total to 65.7m.

Pakistan passed the 70m mobile subscriber mark in September, adding an average of over 7m new users per quarter in this year.

Reliance (India) announced it had over 36m subscribers (including WLL and mobile subscribers) at the end of Sept.

S. Korea had 66.6m phone subscribers, of which 42.8m are mobile and 23.3 are fixed, at the end of Sept.

MTN (S. Africa) said that it has passed the 54m subscriber mark, +12% qoq, in its 21 countries of operations. South and East Africa (SEA) region contributed 33% of the total, West, East and Central Africa region (WECA) 47% and Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region 20%.

Mobinil (Egypt) added 1.8m new subscribers in 3Q07 for a total 13.7m at the end of September.

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