Market corner - 29/10/07

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A few set of market information released this week:

  • According to ABI Research, RIM held 44% of the US smartphone market in 2Q07, ahead of Palm with 24%, Motorola with about 11% and Nokia with 6.5%. RIM was the only one to gain market share.

  • According to Gartner, the global smartphone market grew 44% to 24.5 m units sold in 2Q07.

  • According to Juniper Research, revenues from portable navigation solutions, including Personal Navigation Devices and software solutions for multiuser devices, will exceed €8.3 bn in WE by 2012.

  • Maravedis and Tonse Telecom forecast that India would have 21m WiMAX customers by 2014.

  • Sybase 365 reports that MMS message delivery has increased for 11 consecutive quarters in the US, and its CAGR over first 9mo is about 7.4%.

  • GSMA announced there currently are 403 HSDPA-enable devices (up from 126 at 2006-end), while the number of suppliers jumped to 80 (from 26 a year ago).

  • According to In-Stat, IP VPN services would generate $6.2bn revenues in the US, up 26%.

  • US service providers at TelcoTV endorsed fiber to the home (FTTH) as the best access medium for IPTV.

  • CTIA announced that mobile data accounts for 15.5% of all mobile services revenues in the US, while Infonetics Research forecasts that 17% of NA mobile users will adopt 3G data and 11% adopt mobile WiMAX by 2011.

  • According to Portio Research, 1.5bn new mobile consumers are forecast to emerge over the next four years, with 65 per cent of these coming from the Asia Pacific region. That will make a 75% mobile penetration at the worldwide level.

  • Berg Insight found that 78% of the total mobile TV audience (or 38m viewers) are in APAC.

  • IMS Research forecasts 3m base stations installed (+15%) worldwide at the end of the year.

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