Global vendor strategies - 29/10/07

Publié le par Jean Arnal

Microsoft explains its future: address both the enterprise and consumer mobility markets, offer a new, enterprise-friendly, mobile-device-management suite, and pursue a “new model” with a common platform to support software for PCs, online and mobile devices for businesses and consumers.

As we reported in previous Telcoflash issues, CISCO has agreed to buy Navini, a supplier of WiMAX equipment. The deal is worth $330m in cash and assumed options.

ADC will acquire LGC Wireless, a in-building wireless solutions supplier, for $169m.

NSN will take control of Vivento Technical Services (VTS) from DT. 2000 staff will be transferred. It will also takeover Atrica, the carrier Ethernet specialist, for an undisclosed sum.

Motorola invests in Siimpel, a leading developer and manufacturer of MEMS-based solutions for mobile imaging applications.

Fujitsu announced plans to spin off its mobile phone manufacturing and service units.

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