Operator results - 29/10/07

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ATT reported strong 3Q07 quarter with revenues up 3% pro forma to $30bn, and net income of $3bn, up 36%.

China Mobile reported 9mo revenues of $33bn, up 22%, EBITDA of $17.8bn (+15%), and net profit of $7.7bn, up 30%. 3Q07 net income grew 38% to $2.8bn, while revenues rose 21% to $11.8bn.

China Telecom said its 9mo net profit amounted to $2.2bn, up 2%, EBITDA o $8.5bn (+2%) and revenues rising 3% to $16.9bn.

America Movil reports 3Q07 net profit of $1bn, down 2%, on revenues of $ 7.2bn, up 30%. EBITDA rose 45% to $3bn.

CTI Movil said its 9mo revenues totaled $1.3bn, up 30%, while 3Q07 revenues was $0.5bn, up 28%. 3Q07 EBITDA rose 109% to $ 136m.

Google reports 46% 3Q07 profit rise to $1.1bn, on revenues of $4.2bn, up 57%.

Millicom International announced 3Q07 revenues of $686m, up 77%, and net income of $138m (+365%). EBITDA rose 59% to $296m.

Brasil Telecom reports 3Q07 net income of $83m, up 135%, consolidated EBITDA of $538, up 7+ and consolidated revenues of $1.5bn, up 5%.

China Telecom announced 9mo revenues of $8bn.

China Netcom posted 9mo revenues of $8.3bn, and 3Q07 operating income of $2.7bn, down 1%.

Telenor reports €3bn in 3Q07 revenues, almost flat, and pre-tax income of €4.2bn, down 21%.

DoCoMo said its FY 1H operating income fell 21% to $3.5bn, while net profit fell also by 21% to $2.1bn, and revenues declined 2% to $20.3bn.

SK Telecom (S. Korea) reported 3Q07 net earnings jumped by 70% to $846m, on sales growing 4% to $3bn.

Teliasonera said its 3Q07 net profit increased 7% to €600m, while revenues grew 7% to €2.7bn. EBITDA was almost flat at €957m.

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