Nokia 3Q07 results

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Nokia did better than expected in 3Q07. Sales were up 28% to €12.9bn, operating income jumped 69% to €1.9bn, and net income soared by 85% to €1.6bn. The mobile Phone unit reported the lowest growth with only 3% to €6.1bn, but shipped a record 112m units in the quarter (+23%), with however ASP declining by 12% yoy. Mobile Phone operating profit grew 78% to €1.4bn, with an operating margin of almost 23%. Nokia claims it now has 39% mobile phone market share, up 3 points yoy. The Multimedia unit posted a 23% increase in revenues to €2.6bn, and the Enterprise Solutions unit revenues jumped 105% to €526m. NSN reported €3.7bn in sales, up 7%, and an operating loss of €120m. Nokia had almost 113,000 people at the end of September.

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