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In 3Q07, PC sales were up about 15% to almost 67m units. HP continues to dominate and even distant second Dell at worldwide level. HP had a low 19% market share with 13m units sold in the quarter, while Dell sold about 10m units or a low 14.5% market share. For the third place, we can say that Lenovo and Acer are very close with about 8% market share each. Number five is Toshiba with 4.4% market share. For the year, analysts forecast a growth of 12.5% to 258m units shipped in 2007.

On the European market, HU holds a 20% market share, ahead of Acer with 14%, Dell with 11%, Toshiba with 5% and Fujitsu/ Siemens.

On the US market, Dell maintains its leadership with 28% market share, followed by HP with 24%, and Apple.

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