Mobile vendor strategies - 21/10/07

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Nokia introduces touchscreen user interface on its own Series 60, and will offer the upgraded UI to rivals on a licensing basis. The move, of course, is made to counteract Apple' s disruptive iPhone offering. Will the Nokia brand dominance be enough to maintain Apple' share small? The UI segment has become very active since the introduction of the iPhone. Last week Motorola bought 50% stake in Sony Ericsson UIQ smartphone software unit (a Symbian development), confirming that top mobile phone vendors would not abandon innovation to new entrants.

Nokia resumes CDMA phone sales in N.A., one year after it announced a JV with Sanyo on CDMA phones. Sanyo recently announced it was in talks to sell its phone business to Kyocera.

Motorola restructures. Marketing would be moved into product development and advertising agency relationships would be centralized.

Samsung has developed a micro-fuel cell and hydrogen generator that runs on water.

Garmin would launch a GPS-enabled mobile phone in 2008, counteracting Nokia' s move into its navigation GPS market (acquisition of Navteq).

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