Fixed vendor strategies - 13/10/07

Publié le par Jean Arnal

ALU claims it is leading the WiMAX market with 15 commercial contracts and 70 trial networks worldwide. Last week, it introduces a 7705 Service Aggregation router, an All-IP microwave transport platform, a 1850 transport service switch, and said it targets mobile backhaul.

NSN will expand KT (S. Korea) fiber-to-the-home broadband network with GE-PON and equipment and Ethernet access switches.

ECI Telecom added new features to its Hi-FOCuS-5 MSAN family of products.

Tellabs introduced its 7100 optical transport system (OTS) worldwide.

MRV announced new ROADM module for LambdaDriver .

Thomson announced the launch of the Thomson 5411/5120 VDSL2 chipset for CPE equipment.

NEC announced the worldwide release of a new converged multimedia and SIP voice solution (SIP platform).

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