Vendor results - 13/10/07

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UTStarcom reports 2006 financial results. Sales were $2.5bn, net loss amounted to $117m, and gross margin was just below 16%. It will cut 11% of its workforce or about 700 people, mainly in China and the US, as part of a restructuring plan.

Sony Ericsson announced 3Q07 earnings of €267m, down 10%, on revenues of €3.1bn, up 7%. S-E has shipped almost 26m units (+31% yoy) in the quarter, up 1m qoq, but the ASP was down 4% qoq. S-E claims it has a 9% market share. So, SE has missed analyst forecasts on sales and volumes.

Samsung Electronics reports record 3Q07 revenues of $18bn and profit of $2.4bn (almost flat), but shipped over 42m handsets in the quarter ( ) while ASP rose 2%.

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