Top 10 European MNOs?

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In 2Q07, there were minor changes in the top European mobile operators ranking. T-Mobile Germany has regained the number one spot from TIM Italy. It added some 1.3m new subscribers (second best performer in the quarter) , while TIM added far less to a total of about 34.5m vs 35.3m for T-Mobile Germany. Turkcell was the best performer with adding 1.6m new subscribers and ending the quarter with about 33.8m. Vodafone Germany is ranked fourth with 32m users, adding some 0.8m new subscribers. Another Vodafone unit is just behind: Vodafone Italy reports 28m users (almost 1m new users in the quarter). Orange France accounts for about 24.5m users and Telefonica Spain for about 22.5m. Ukrainian Kyivstar lost customers and reports 22m users at the end of the quarter. It is ahead of its rival Ukrainian UMC that reports just below 20m subscribers, down about 1m. 02 UK is the tenth MNO in Europe with almost 20m subscribers.

The top 10 MNOs in Europe account for a cumulative power of just over 270m subscribers, or 40% of the total market.

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