Global operators strategies - 29/09/07

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Altimo (Russia) is mulling the acquisition of 20%-25% stake in Indonesia's Excelcomindo.

Google is rumored to be planning to enter the UK mobile market with bidding for a slice of the 900 MHz spectrum. Another rumor circulate on Google: it could invest in high-speed cable system and lay trans-Pacific cable “Unity” in order to face demand.

Elisa (Finland) has sold 6.5% stake in CompTel for about €13m.

Virgin will shut down its online music subscription and download service in the U.S. and U.K.

Cosmote (Greece) has introduced a home zone service called Cosmote ONEphone, allowing 20mn of calls to fixed lines when using their mobile phone at home for €5 a month.

Brazil' s telecom infrastructure sales amounted to $1.2bn in IH07, down 11%.

ATT could slow spending in 4Q07 due to excess Project Lightspeed inventories and budgeted capex slow down.

China plans to submit home-grown 4G mobile technology standards to the International Telecom Union (ITU) between 2008 and 2009.

Vonage lost patent case with Sprint, will have to pay another $70m fine.

France Telecom announced its intention to buy shares of MobiFone, MNO in Vietnam.

Omantel said it has agreed on acquiring a majority stake in Pakistan's World Call.

India insists Vodafone must pay taxes over its Hutchinson Essar deal.

Sistema (Russia) has acquired a 10% stake in Shyam Telelink, an Indian telecom operator.

Telenor seeks peace with Russian Altimo over Ukraine assets in Vimpelcom and Kyivstar.

DT bought Orange Netherlands for €1.3bn.

Telekom Malaysia has announced the split of its fixed and mobile operations. The de-merger exercise will result in the creation of two separate telecommunication companies.

ATT is considering to buy an Indian operator to speed its entrance to the Indian market.

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